Baldrick gets an updated base!!!

When I started painting, I would just paint every base black and be done with it. I’d mentally justify it by saying to myself that it made sense, since no one knew what sort of terrain the characters and monsters were going to be interacting on. However… as some of my other miniatures got the base treatment, I felt worse and worse about not giving the first miniature I ever painted for a character of my own a proper base.

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Painting with Washes

This little guy was a small test (no pun intended) I did on painting with washes after watching Tabletop Minion’s video on Rattle Can Tricks. I don’t have enough space at home to prime using rattle cans to prime, so whenever I want to prime white I have to painstakingly apply my primer in thin coats, over and over. It’s a time-consuming process but, at the same time, you really get to know the miniature. Continue reading

Wallace, Knight of the Green Gaban

This was my first try at converting a miniature. One of the players in our DnD 5th Edition campaign played a Fighter who specialized on polearms, so I wanted to try and get a miniature that accurately represented his PC alongside the rest of the party. Sadly, the only polearm-wielding miniature in my small collection was a Heroclix skeleton which served as a placeholder for a while (after some retouching – Heroclix miniatures are infamous for terrible paint jobs). Continue reading