Baldrick gets an updated base!!!

When I started painting, I would just paint every base black and be done with it. I’d mentally justify it by saying to myself that it made sense, since no one knew what sort of terrain the characters and monsters were going to be interacting on. However… as some of my other miniatures got the base treatment, I felt worse and worse about not giving the first miniature I ever painted for a character of my own a proper base.

Well, I was using a wine cork yesterday in order to study the shape of an insectoid character I plan on sculpting, and I ended up with a bunch of cork shavings. An idea popped into my mind, and it wasn’t long before I was cutting and gluing random shapes onto Baldrick’s base.

Looking good! After a heavy coat of craft store brown, it no longer looked much like cork, but then again, it didn’t look much like anything. A wash of sepia produced some nice darker shadows on the base and helped disguise the mini’s original base that I had originally painted black.


Now we do some drybrushing using a lighter brown…


And we mix some lighter beige with the brown for another drybrushing pass.


Almost done. Just need to add up some more beige, do another very light drybrushing pass, clean up the base with some black and we’re done!!!!


And there we go. I am pretty happy to have found a way of upgrading Baldrick’s base without the need to cut or unglue anything, which could damage the mini. I still need to seal it, but this time I think I’m going to do a Gloss Varnish coat before applying the Matte Varnish I normally use.

  • M.C. Burnt Umber 70941 (highlights)
  • M.C. German Camouflage Beige 70.821 (armor)

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