Baldrick, the Dwarven Rogue

When I started to collect miniatures, I bought a bunch of Grenadier Dwarves online on a bulk sale. Later on, when I got into DnD 5th Edition, I needed a miniature to represent my  dual-wielding Dwarven Rogue, so I dug through the army and soon enough, I got a mini that was almost perfect for it. Here is one of the first miniatures that I actually took my time painting and dedicated some care to.

“Dear Wick: today was a good day.”


He’s brutish, he’s dirty and overall, turned out quite good for a miniature painted with mostly craft paints.


Unkown Grenadier Dwarf. It reads “Grenadier 1990” and “H493” at the bottom of the base.

It seems to currently be included in the Dwarf Berserkers [DW009] pack manufactured by Mirliton.

  • Runefang Steel (dagger, chainmail and minor metal highlights)
  • Agrax Earthshade (shading skin, hair, beard, leather and any other brown parts)
  • Nuln Oil (shading any metals)
  • Reikland Fleshshade (shading red glove and trousers)
  • M.C. Bronze 70.998 (glove, mace and leg guards)
  • M.C. Basic Skintone 70.815 (skin)
  • Matt Varnish 70.520 (final sealing)

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