Chaos Warrior

I saw a small box of Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warriors at reduced price over at the local store. These ones are the easy-to-assemble variant, and looking at the box gave me the idea to do a set of three heavy-armored knights in different metals, just like I did with my skeletons.


The models looked great, with few mold lines and great little details. After assembling, there wasn’t much to fill except for an empty space over both shoulders. I added some Plastic Putty and tried my best to replicate the fur texture. You can barely tell there used to be a gap there to begin with!

The first one to get a touch of the brush was the Gold Knight. It’s still a Work in Progress, but he’s already looking good with basecoat, wash and some light drybrushing. Seeing as this guy is supposed to be the noble, rich one, the cape had to be purple. I’m planning to paint the fur on his back in a wolf pelt style (inspired by the paint job in Otherworld’s wolves promotional art).


In order to try something different with the base, I glued a bunch of little stones of different sizes to the base. They’re actually pieces of cat litter that I washed in order to get rid of all the dust, then glued to the top of the base after securing the figure in. A heavy coat of brown and you could barely tell where these came from.

The Warhammer line is a larger scale than my usual DnD and Grenadier miniatures, but the models look so good that I had to add them to the collection. You can see how he towers over our little halfling friend… if I were to use this for DnD, he would probably make a great Goliath or Half-Orc miniature.

I need to find the time to actually finish this one and get started on the others. The Christmas season was really productive, and I managed to paint the skeletons, the halfling and to get started on this guy and another miniature I need to do a post about, but January has been so busy that I have barely had any time to paint. I need to remedy that.


Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warrior

  • Runefang Steel (sword, chainmail, shield detail and metal highlights)
  • Agrax Earthshade (shading pelt and boots)
  • Nuln Oil (shading metals)
  • Druchii Violet (shading cape)
  • G.C. Tinny Tin  72060 (undercoating metals)
  • M.C. Burnt Umber 70941 (boots, base, pelt and undercoating horns)
  • M.C. Gold 70.996 (armor)

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