Nemo Miniatures (Grenadier) Fantasy Warriors line

I love these miniatures. As I wrote in a previous post, I got these blisters on a clearance sale at a local game and hobby shop. At 1€ per blister, they were a steal. I absolutely love the models and the fact that they are metal miniatures… somehow, playing with light plastic miniatures never quite feels the same.

Most of these are listed in the stupendous Lost Minis Wikia. I’ve painted a few of them in different color schemes, from drow to half-elf, and I’m thinking of using some of these to make conversions. Converting metal is a lot harder than converting plastic, but trying out new techniques always makes for a fun time.

I’ll update this list if I get more pictures of the remaining blisters, but here are the ones that can be seen above:

  • NM120 Dwarves – Messengers of Dwinn
  • NM401 Wood Elves – Ashes
  • NM403 Wood Elves – Knives of Ru
  • NM404 Wood Elves – Wolves
  • NM505 Arqueost – War Springalds
  • NM519 Arqueost – Harquebuses

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