Half-Elf Archers

A sale at the local games and hobby store is what led me to start painting in the first place. The shop owner was selling Grenadier, DnD and Star Wars blisters at 1€each (!!!), so I had to buy half of the stock (leaving half for other lucky metal miniature enthusiasts). Now I have a bunch of Grenadier Elves from the Fantasy Warriors line, and I have painted a couple of them with different color styles.


“Freshman, go knock on the door!”

This one was painted to represent a friend’s Half-Elf archer at the game where I was playing Baldrick. Mostly craft store paints, Citadel’s Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade for shading as well as Runefang Steel for metal highlights and Vallejo’s M.C. Copper 70999 for bracelets, earring and necklace. It was quite a quick paint job, and I’m overall pleased with how good it turned out, considering how little time I put into it.


This other one was a gift for a co-worker who just recently got into DnD 5th Edition. He was planning on playing a Half-Elf ranged Rogue, and since he was kind enough to take part in a game I organised at home (as well as being a great person all-around), I offered to paint a miniature for him to use at this other game. This was also my first attempt at sculpting a base, so after removing the Grenadier base, I made a rudimentary cobblestone floor using craft store Brown Stuff over a DnD standard plastic base and let it cure overnight.


Here it is after a nice, thick coat of diluted craft store black. I do not recommend anyone use this method of priming, especially for metal miniatures, but whenever I am in a hurry I just end up grabbing some black paint, watering it down, and dabbing it all over the model until it is covered up. I had limited time to paint it before the weekend (when my co-work leaves for his hometown and plays his weekly game), so I took a couple of shortcuts.

After basecoating and experimenting with the base, I applied washes to the model and at this time went to bed, letting the shades work overnight.


Almost done. The skin isn’t as neat as I’d like it to be, but I was afraid to highlight and lose the shady aspect that was supposed to characterize the Rogue. In retrospective, I should have at least tried to clean it up a bit.

I also tried to create a bit of a bloody gutter running through the base using Citadel’s Blood for the Blood God, which turned out quite well. The finished model, already sealed is below. Not bad, but definitely a lot of room for improvement.


I wish I had thought of giving it a cloak… oh well. Hindsight is 20/20. I am quite pleased with the bloody gutter, however. I got to experiment with sculpting bases, and I learned an important lesson on how you should always lay your Matte Varnish on successive, thin layers, otherwise it will fog up the details you so desperately tried to preserve (see the finished base). But the important point is that the miniature found a happy home, its new owner is happy with it and I’m sure that it will at least spark a talk at the gaming table.



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