Painting with Washes

This little guy was a small test (no pun intended) I did on painting with washes after watching Tabletop Minion’s video on Rattle Can Tricks. I don’t have enough space at home to prime using rattle cans to prime, so whenever I want to prime white I have to painstakingly apply my primer in thin coats, over and over. It’s a time-consuming process but, at the same time, you really get to know the miniature.


After priming, I painted the kama and skin, then quickly dabbed some washes over different areas in order to see the effects I would get. Overall, the final effect was a pleasant surprise! I repeated the washing process after the first coat dried, but I got interrupted halfway into it and completely forgot to finish the bottom half of the pants… which resulted in some ugly lines.


DnD Male Halfling Monk WOC88271

  • Runefang Steel (kama)
  • Agrax Earthshade (skin, weapon handle, boots, sash and shirt sleeves)
  • Nuln Oil (hair and kama)
  • Druchii Violet (tunic)
  • White Primer 74.600
  • M.C. Basic Skintone 70.815 (skin)

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