Klak, Kobold Sorcerer (DnD Castle Ravenloft)

When I first saw this guy in his unpainted, gray plastic self, I mistook him for some sort of Rat Shaman. It wouldn’t be a far-fetched guess, seeing as there are quite a few rat-based creatures in the Castle Ravenloft game, which is where I got Klak from. That was why I planned to paint him in mostly browns and faded yellows. However, this critter here is a Kobold Sorcerer, so it would not do to make his a shabby, raggedy rodent.

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Kobold Raiding Party (DnD)

My copy of Wrath of Ashardalon just arrived, and with it my Kobold Raiding Party is finally formed! The three spearchuckers that look whitish have been primed (I added a few drops of brown to the white primer in order to get some contrast), and the shaman-looking fellow has been primed and given a coat of Sepia wash.

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