Dracolich Pt. 2 (Castle Ravenloft)

I needed to paint something in order to try and get out of a somewhat recent funk I’ve been in. If you don’t know what a funk is… well, it’s like a swamp where your motivation goes to die.

I finally mustered the courage (or rather, figured it wouldn’t do any harm) to paint over the horrible effect I got from applying a craft store fluorescent paint to the wings of my Dracolich. You can see below how poorly it looked.

2016-02-06 10.26.19

Suffice to say, this is not the effect I had in mind. Worse yet, in my hurry to get the second coat in (the first one looked so bad that I thought I’d give it another one, to make it better… I know it does not make much sense), I just sort of… dabbed the paint in globs on top of the wings, ruining a great deal of the original texture. These sort of things happen as I start to get frustrated in painting something in a short amount of time. Yet another thing to improve on.

Well, maybe this could be a good chance to try out the Vallejo washes I got the other day at the friendly local hobby store. The problem is… I had no idea they were this strong out of the dropper. They definitely tint a lot more than Games Workshop washes.

As I wanted to create a greenish, spectral effect I started with the green wash… and ended up with really saturated, green chroma wings. Welp. I’d show it, but I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo of it… it looked… wrong. And not in the good, undead-dragon-monstrosity way.

So today, after the miniature sat with its green cartoon wings for… about a month now, I got out the blue wash, thinned it down with some water and glaze medium (why not) and careful painted over the green. My intention is to create a hue in the wings, from dark blue to green, so it’s gonna take a while… miniatures take too long to dry in the winter’s humidity, and the fact that I am painting with washes doesn’t help here.

A second pass (leaving the bottom, central membrane of the wings unpainted this time), and it looked like this:

2016-03-07 22.58.54
If you look carefully, you can see someone who was getting a varnished base

Not… bad? But not exactly what I had in mind. I’m hoping to be able to turn this into a spectral effect with the right pale green, but in the meantime I have to wait for it to dry (again) and it’s getting late. At least I accomplished something today, and there is physical proof of it.



  • G.C. Ink Blue 72088
  • G.C. Ink Green 72089
  • G.C. Glaze Medium 72069

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