Kobold Raiding Party (DnD)

My copy of Wrath of Ashardalon just arrived, and with it my Kobold Raiding Party is finally formed! The three spearchuckers that look whitish have been primed (I added a few drops of brown to the white primer in order to get some contrast), and the shaman-looking fellow has been primed and given a coat of Sepia wash.

2016-03-09 20.27.48

The three sword-and-shield fighters have horrible moldlines and a lot of flash I need to clean before priming… the Wrath of Ashasrdalon miniatures in general are very poorly assembled, which makes me sad for the people who sculpted the awesome poses.

Looking forward to painting the caster, who is one of my favorite Castle Ravenloft minis. More of him in the near future.


DnD Castle Ravenloft Kobolds

DnD Wrath of Ashardalon Kobolds


  • M.C. Burnt Umber 70941
  • G.C. Sepia Ink 72091
  • White Primer 74.600

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