Klak, Kobold Sorcerer (DnD Castle Ravenloft)

When I first saw this guy in his unpainted, gray plastic self, I mistook him for some sort of Rat Shaman. It wouldn’t be a far-fetched guess, seeing as there are quite a few rat-based creatures in the Castle Ravenloft game, which is where I got Klak from. That was why I planned to paint him in mostly browns and faded yellows. However, this critter here is a Kobold Sorcerer, so it would not do to make his a shabby, raggedy rodent.

Image courtesy of boardgamegeek.com

Klak is supposed to be somewhat of a leader in his Kobold pack, so I wanted him to be dressed in royal purple (well, the kobold equivalent, anyways) and to look old and wizened. Blotchy scales, I thought, would give him a look of an old reptile, so I tried giving his scales a very light base color, then alternating between painting with thin coats of green and blue shades. The result wasn’t half bad, although I really mucked up with one of the blue coats being applied too thick and leaving ‘blobs’ of blue here and there (especially the fingers).


I think I am getting better at painting long, flowing fabrics. Klak’s robe was done using a base color of craft store dark purple, applying a thin coat of wash, some more wash in recesses I thought could use some more contrast, then drybrushing over it all a couple of times. I do reckon that the purple I used in the last drybrushing pass was a shade too grey, but this is an old robe anyways; the color is bound to be faded by the time it gets into the reptile’s hands. I just wish I had applied it more to the bottom of the robe, so it would get the faded look as well (it seems purple tends to discolor at the edges with age).

The metallic on his shoulders was also washed with purple which… is probably awfully, disgustingly wrong to someone who actually knows how to do this… however, I absolutely love the tint that the wash leaves over the metals. The two-pronged dagger, however, has a bit of green wash at the tip – which I planned to turn into poison, dripping down from the metal, but I never found the patience to actually try and do it.

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So here is the finished version, after varnishing and giving it a black base (I will probably do matching bases for the Kobold Raiding Party once I finish them all, but until then, this will have to do). I should really clean the area around the eyes, which I am really forcing myself to learn how to paint, one mistake at a time.


Klak, Kobold Sorcerer (DnD Castle Ravenloft)

  • Runefang Steel (dagger and shoulder pads)
  • Agrax Earthshade (dagger handle shading)
  • Druchii Violet (robe and shoulder pad shading)
  • M.C. Burnt Umber 70941 (dagger handle)
  • G.C. Ink Blue 72088 (scales)
  • G.C. Ink Green 72089 (scales)
  • G.C. Bald Moon Yellow 72005 (eyes)

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