1€ Dungeon Tiles

Since the green map turned out great, I felt like going all the way with the gray map and doing my original concept: dungeon tiles.

2016-04-06 20.23.05

Same materials as last time: inexpensive felt square, inexpensive marker pen, ruler and scissors. Measuring 3x3cm squares and cutting them all up until… well, until too tired or bored to keep cutting.

2016-04-06 21.25.56

Here’s the final result. I cut some different shapes as well (1×4 squares or even 0.5×4 and 0.5×2 since those were what remained after measuring the main squares) which should allow to build some fun, diverse dungeons. I got too bored and my hand was starting to cramp at this point, so I finished up by leaving a nice boss-room shaped piece uncut.

2016-04-06 21.29.12

Here’s a quick example I put together in about a minute. This should be really easy to bring with me to tomorrow’s session, where the guys will be braving the dangers of the first Lost Mines of Phandelver dungeon: Cragmaw Hideout.



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