Paladin (DnD Wrath of Ashardalon)

Time for another PC mini. Dredd, the Human Paladin of Helm in my campaign lacked a miniature that properly portrayed the character, and that was the perfect excuse for me to try and paint some white (something I had been meaning to do for a while).

Original mini next to another DnD figure I painted a long time ago

Painting white has always been a pain for me. This time, I resolved myself to actually try a proper method of achieving decent results. This was going to be a paladin dressed in whites, golds and blues, so after cleaning and priming the miniature, it was time to start laying out blue layer after blue layer, applying a heavy and generous drybrush of lighter and lighter blues everytime.


Of course, since this is a Wrath of Ashardalon mini, the flash and the moldlines are horrible, and given the limited amount of time I had… not nearly a perfect job. I even had to fill a missing bit on the cape, which is something I really need to practice doing.

After a few passes of blue, it was starting to get there. Lots of getting impatient and painting over not-fully-dryed paint sort of made it look rougher, but again… limited time. As it is, I consider it a “good-enough for tabletop” job.


I eventually got to painting actual white… which wasn’t easy. Took me three passes with pure white to achieve the color below.


Not half bad. Considering I was still going to paint the gold on top and do some cleanup afterwards, it was good enough a base to work with. I also did a thick blue wash on the cape and some parts of his clothes, which I left to dry overnight so I could varnish it the following day, but…

… while I was varnishing it, the color started to come off. I was horrified and tried to minimize the damage, but it was done. Sigh. Will probably have to clean it up someday, sometime in the future. It’s a shame, since the blue looked really rich before priming, as can be seen above. Oh well. No use crying over washed-away ink.

The most attentive or familiar with the original miniature may notice I cut off the pickaxe-looking thing it was brandishing as a weapon. I was not a fan of it, plus it was another excellent excuse to try something new… magnets.

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This is a sword I got in a bundle of assorted Warhammer weapons. After cutting off the handle and adjacent hand and arm, I superglued a small magnet to the bottom of it, and did the same to the top of Dredd’s hand after drilling a hole big enough to accomodate the small magnet.



It will allow to switch weapons in case Dredd decides to switch things up and smite things with a hammer, mace, axe or some other smiting tool. All in all, it was a fun quick project and the player is happy with the mini, so I am happy. He’s quite the contrast to his dark, soturn Warlock party member!

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Human Cleric (DnD Wrath of Ashardalon)

  • Runefang Steel (sword blade)
  • Nuln Oil (shading gold parts)
  • M.C. Burnt Umber 70941 (sword hilt)
  • M.C. Gold 70.996 (armor details and sword guard)
  • G.C. Blue Ink 72.088 (cape and blue bits of cloth)

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