Dragonman Warrior (Reaper Bones)

Long time, no painting! It’s been a while, but I had to pick up the brush again when I found a store carrying a decent selection of Reaper Bones miniatures… among which was the pefect general for the Green Dragon in the campaign I’ve been running for the guys at work.


From what I have read, Bones paint quite well after a rinse and scrub without the need for primer. As such, I used this miniature as a test, and used three different ways of painting to see how well the paint would stick: I painted the brown and steel colors directly into the miniature; the shield, sword and cloth were painted with wash; and for the green scales I mixed some primer with green ink and green craft store to make a light green-ish primer. Mixing primer with colors has worked well for me in the past, so I was eager to see how it would turn out.

The coverage was pretty decent with all of the above methods, even if I had to keep playing with the wash so it wouldn’t blotch, and a few coats were required for proper coverage. The metals on white are not something I like to paint, but the color stuck well enough to the miniature that I even had some time to do some highlighting on the sword runes. Time to move on to shading!

Looking much, much better. Little by little, turning into the mental image I had of the feared military commander of the dragon hordes. All I had left to do was some highlighting, paint the teeth and (gulp) eyes and to paint some wood grain into the front of the shield, and he’d be ready for battle.

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I painted the base in a bright yellow solely for providing contrast with the miniature. The next thing I want to do for this guys is to detail his base a little bit. For that, I’m hoping to use something I picked up at the local game and hobby store a couple days ago…



Dragonman Warrior  (Reaper Bones 77060)

  • Runefang Steel (armor, sword guard/pommel and highlights)
  • Nuln Oil (armor shading)
  • Druchii Violet (sword blade, shield and flowing cloth)
  • Agrax Earthshade (claws and sword hilt)
  • M.C. Burnt Umber 70941 (sword handle, claws and armor leather strips)
  • M.C. German Beige 70821 (sword handle, claws and armor leather strips)
  • M.C. Buff 70976 (teeth, sword handle, claws and armor leather strips)
  • G.C. Ink Green 72089 (scales)
  • G.C. Bald Moon Yellow 72005 (eyes)

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