To be a Debaser

About time I gave Radgar Virescale (yes, that’s his name in the campaign) a base on which to stand, overlooking his vast Kobold and Cultist army.

This time, instead of the liquid putty I normally use, I picked up something special at the store: behold Stirland Mud, one of the many Technical Paints in Citadel’s line.

Instead of painting, you just apply generous globs of this very thick paste onto your miniatures base and shape it to your heart’s content. It has a nice, earthy texture with a suitable base color.


The bumpy, rough texture it creates after drying just screams for drybrushing. So after painting it with craft store Raw Umber I gave it a few passes with beige colors and created some contrast with a brown wash. The overall result is very sloppy and lacks in detail, but for something that took me less than half an hour, I really cannot complain.


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