Bagpiping Bard (Nemo Arqueost War Springald)

A friend of mine is likely to play a bard in the campaign, and his instrument of choice is a set of bagpipes. I have no miniatures even remotely close to a bard, so I had to improvise.

I started with one of my Nemo Miniatures surplus. I don’t usually do campaigns with gunpowder firearms, so I was unlikely to get any use out of this… arquebusier? Whatever he originally was.

The pose is not exactly perfect, but I would rather work with it than have to cut up, bend and/or reshape the medal. I’ve done it in the past and it’s a pain.

So after cutting away the exces from the base and cutting the far end of the barrel, I glued a thin piece of wire to the end of the weapon’s stock. A bit of green stuff went on top of that, and a thicker length of wire was glued above the shoulder. More green stuff, another wad at the back to form the bagpipe’s… bag, and after some reshaping and glue everything was ready.

Now the most difficult part… waiting for it to cure.

Converted Miniature

Arqueost War Springald (Nemo Miniatures’ Fantasy Warriors line)


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