Emeryl, Half-Elf Bard (Nemo Miniatures)

I finally got around to actually painting the bard conversion I built last week. With the next session being on Thursday, I have a lot of miniatures to prep and it was nice to start it off with something that I could actually get done to completion and appreciate the results.

The first step as always was to prime the miniature. I used the same grey mixture I’ve been using, which covered both the metal and the green stuff quite nicely. Agrellan earth was used to patch up the base and give it a bit more texture, along with the rocks I had already glued to it (which were really leftover bits of metal from cutting the miniature’s base).

After that, came the strenuous process of trying to basecoat a white shirt… I picked up a new white from Vallejo’s line, but it didn’t seem to cover the areas any better than the craft store white I normally use. Eventually, after enough coats, I could sort of call it “white”.

I’m finding my current stock of brown paints a little too limited when it comes to painting wood, and since I wanted a lighter tone for the bagpipe’s wood, I went with a beige undercoat followed by a generous sepia wash. It didn’t turn out half bad!

The white was shaded with a thinned-out black wash, with only the innermost folds being painted. Any mistakes from that process got corrected in the highlight stage, where I pretty much just used plain white in the outmost points of the shirt. You can barely see, but the guy is actually supposed to be wearing a chain mail underneath that shirt.

But the bard was still missing something crucial: a weapon. Seeing as the player wants to make a shortbow its main weapon (other than the power of music), I cut off a bow from a bunch of Warhammer bits I have sitting in a box, shortened it to scale and glued it to the base. I tried to sort of sculpt a grip to hide the part where the bow was glued, but that didn’t turn out so well.


The bowstring was a neat little touch. I just tightly tied a piece of thin string to the bow (which was facilitated by the fact that the bow itself has two tiny indents like a real bow would) and then coated it in superglue to hopefully strengthen it.

After painting the bow and applying a coat of matte varnish, the bard was ready to play on the battlefield!


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Converted Miniature

Arqueost War Springald (Nemo Miniatures’ Fantasy Warriors line)



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