Painting Mushrooms

I finally got around to painting the mushrooms I sculpted a while ago. I know these were supposed to be “Violet Fungi”, but where’s the fun in playing it safe?


There’s not really much to say here. All the mushrooms were painted in three steps: base layer to establish the base color (purple, blue, green, red…); shade in a darker color, to establish contract; and finally, a light drybrush in a lighter color to emphasise more prominent areas. As for the bases, I glued different sizes of small rocks to the base, painted the ground and the smaller rocks brown, the larger ones gray and drybrushed it all up into lighter colors.

The keypoint here is to get rid of most of the paint in an old, flat brush, and lightly building the colors up, using lighter shades with every pass. You can follow the different passes by looking at the streaks of gray at the bottom of the tissue paper.

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I had to use a couple shades, brown and black, to re-establish some darker colors and create more contrast, but there’s really not much to it.




I’m not very verbose right now because I want to get back to quite a few projects I am working in now, so I’ll leave this one like this and I’m hoping to post those others soon!





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