Vistra, Dwarf Fighter Speedpaint

What do you do when you need to paint a miniature for a Player Character and you have about two hours to do it? Well, you roll up your sleeves and do your darndest to put a decent job on the table that won’t completely embarass you or the player and you keep on chucking dice.



Since the Player Character that this mini is going to represent will be a Druid, I wanted to try and paint it in a rich brown color that would pop in the battlefield. I made a rocky base by gluing aquarium sand to the plastic base using white glue, painted all of the base coats and very roughly painted some highlights, mostly on the fur in the back. The metals were basecoated with Vallejo’s Tinny Tin, the dark brown at the base and back of the shield is Burnt Umber, and the reddish-brown of the cape and hair is Saddle Brown. The skin tone was achieved by mixing beige and skintone (this is, after all, a dwarf).

After that had been done, I gave the fur a super rough highlight with a very light beige, which ended up creating a stark contrast that I really disliked.



But one must keep moving onwards, and the next step I had in mind was to wash most of the miniature in Sepia Wash and then drybrush the metallics using Silver. This went… terribly. Vallejo’s Sepia Ink has a very strong color when it pools in recesses, but does a poor job at tinting base colors (unlike Vallejo Red, Green and Blue Inks I have tried in the past, which have a very strong tint). I had to wait for it all to dry, try to fix it, and all in all spend way more time than I wanted with this piece, for a not-so-stellar result.

I am still keen in fixing all the mistakes and that shield is screaming for some freehand love, but for now the miniature needed varnish in order to go to the table and represent Lifthrasa, Dwarven Druid.




2 thoughts on “Vistra, Dwarf Fighter Speedpaint

    1. It’s a slippery slope! I used to paint all my bases black, but then I start looking at other people’s work and, next thing I know, I’m going to the dollar store to hunt for stuff to glue to my bases.

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