Dracolich Pt. 3 (Castle Ravenloft)

Today I return to an old behemoth that has been sitting on the shelf for far too long. I said I was not going to leave him looking like he got taken over by some radioactive green entity, and I am about to remedy that.

Drybrushing can be a long, tedious process, or it can be a relaxing experience. I booked an entire afternoon to make sure that I could approach the task of drybrushing the entire miniature with Vallejo’s Dead Flesh. It completely changed the paintjob from “sloppy wash job” to “moderately acceptable”.


It’s something that only really “pops” when seens next to the original version. It also achieved something I desperately needed: it both desaturated and highlighted the blue-green areas, leaving me with a much better canvas to work with for the next step.


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So I have been watching a lot of videos that use Nihilakh Oxide to paint spectral things… so I did a first pass on the green areas and I am pelased with the result. Next, I will likely have to re-establish some shading and  apply more Nihilakh Oxide here and there, as well as paint highlights on the sharper edges. I’m still deciding what colors I will use for the horn and claws, and of course I’ll have to neaten up the wing bones. Not enough hours in a day, so this will have to do for now.


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