Metal Miniatures (Dungeons & Dragons Chainmail)

I recently acquired a copy of the 2001 version of Chainmail, a re-launched simplification of an old Gary Gygax game, featuring metal miniatures.While it will probably be a while before I assemble and paint these, I want to document what they looked like before I put them together. That way, at least I’ll have a way to remember how pure they were before I screwed it all up.

Below is a full gallery of the miniatures as presented in the boklet that came along with the game, fully assembled and painted, and the metal miniature parts as they come in the box.


Abyssal Maw, sculpted by Ben Siens


Demonic Gnoll Adeptsculpted by Ben Siens


Gnoll Trooper, sculpted by Ben Siens


Hyena, sculpted by Jason Wiebe


Human Paladin, sculpted by Bobby Jackson


Gnome Infiltrator, sculpted by Jerzy Montwill


Human Glaiver, sculpted by Bobby Jackson


Human Marine, sculpted by Bobby Jackson


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