Zermi, Half-Elf Warlock (Reaper Bones Alchemist)

Yet another mini I painted for one of the players in my campaign. This one has a bit of modding work to better portray the character: he is supposed to commune with the Wolf spirit, so I wanted him holding a canine skull. It… sort of worked?

The original mini was “Damiel, Iconic Alchemist  from the Reaper Bones line. He had a backpack, however, which I had to remove, and since I wanted him to hold a wolf skull, I had to get rid of the vial he is holding and reposition his left hand. Snipping off the vial worked great. Repositioning the hand did not.


From what I have read online, I thought you could easily reposition Reaper Bones material by dunking the plastic into hot water, bending it the way you want, then quickly placing the miniature into cold water. I tried this with the left hand of the mini and it would indeed keep the pose… for a couple hours. Ultimately, it went back to the original pose, so I had to take more drastic measures.

I ended up having to snip the hand off with my hobby knife. After a 90º rotation, I pinned the hand back using a pin vise to drill the holes in both the hand and arm, a bit of metal wire to connect the two and a dab of supeglue to hold it all in place. I also attached the skull, which is actually a dinosaur skull from some cheap keyrings I bought a while ago.

Seeing as the miniature is wearing some sort of gloves or bracers, I took care to cut along the lines to try and minimise any damage. It actually went pretty well and I didn’t have to fill in anything with green stuff afterwards. What I did have to fill with green stuff was the hole left after I removed the backpack from the miniature, but after smoothing it out it was barely perceptible.

Time to establish base colors! I wanted to try my hand at painting white once more (a nightmare) and I also had a few ideas on how to tackle the large sections of cloth in this guy’s robe.

Notice how muted the base colors are? That was actually on purpose – this one time at least! The plan is to brighten them up with layers of diluted inks, green and red, and to stain the white with a very faint black wash.

The plan worked, but one sideffect I should have anticipated is that the inks heavily saturated the reds and greens. In the end, this Warlock turned out a bit garish… and yeah, the bright green hair probably adds to the overall tackiness.

But on to other things – the base! I wanted to try and make it seem like he is next to a river, since the character used to be a hermit, living a secluded life in some forest temple, far away from civilization. So I painted the base brown and used my glue gun to try and simulate water flowing with sand at the bottom of the riverbed.

It looked at tad too opaque even after reheating the top, letting it solidify and applying plenty of thin layers of Gloss Varnish, but for a cheap effect it didn’t turn out so horrible. The important bit is that Zermi’s now stands out in the battledfield as much as his dry wit stands out in the awkward moments of silence that follow his best lines.



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