Rage Drake (Wrath of Ashardalon)

The campaign I was running needed bigger drakes. I had been sparingly using the the Ambush Drake monster, but an unpainted miniature did not really instill the fear into my players the way such a beast should. Time to remedy that.

Image result for rage drake wrath of ashardalon unpainted

First things first, prepping the mini. Maybe it was just my copy, but the bigger miniatures in Wrath of Ashardalon have huge gaps and loads of flash. Took me a good while to clean this one up and get it somewhat presentable for priming.

Here are a few examples of the worst areas. It’s easy to see where the Green Stuff had to go in order to fill all the gaps and rebuild some of the drake’s body. All in all, another chance to work with Green Stuff and it was good practice.


After I left that to cure overnight, I gave it a good scrub with liquid soap and warm water, let it dry and prepared to take it outside to be primed on a sunny day. I bought a cheap can of white acrylic primer and tested it in some other plastic miniatures, and after I felt confident that I had gotten the technique down, it was time for our lizard friend to get the treatment.

I followed the guide that Luke’s Aps has on YouTube: let the primer sit on warm water for a while, shake shake shake, then spray in short bursts at a short distance. I cannot recommend this guide enough – just make sure not to spray indoors like he does in the video!!! And you may want to use some gloves as well, something to cover your mouth and nose… you know, safety first.


I’m quite pleased with the result, even if I can tell that I laid the primer down too thick in some parts.

In order to paint the Drake, I resorted to my old method of painting with washes, only using Vallejo’s Green Ink this time. Ink has much stronger of a tint, flows slightly different and ended up (accidentally) giving the drake a blotched look that would look terrible in something artificial, but that actually suits this reptile quite well. One more cheat to add to the book of tricks.

This time I didn’t get a lot of photos on the progress of the paintjob, mostly because I just kept going and finished it in one sitting, one dull afternoon. I spent some time to accent the sacles, paint them in different shades of green and the spikes in tones of beige. Finally, I got the courage to paint the eyes and they actually turned out pretty amazing.

Only one thing left… to take it outside and varnish it. And since it was still sunny outside, I set something up to use a cheap can of matte spray varnish I had bought when I got the primer.


The way he was looking at me, I do not think he enjoyed the experience. But I needed a way for the spray to get to its underside and this was the best way I found.

This was a blast to paint. And it’s good to see that cheap primer can still be used for miniature painting, as long as the right precautions are taken.


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One thought on “Rage Drake (Wrath of Ashardalon)

  1. That turned out fantastic. I’ve really backed off from washes recently but the effect is great – I’ll have to give them another try.

    I’m stuck on my paint on gesso but if I ever decide to try spray on primer again I’ll keep this in mind.

    Love the photo of the Drake suspended upside down. Looks like the adventurers rigged a trap for it!

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