Snake Warrior (3D printed)

After binging videos on YouTube about 3D printing, I finally got myself a printer. My Creality Ender 3 arrived in the mail last weekend, and after building it, calibrating the bed and getting some filament, it was ready to start pumping out critters. 3D prints are notorious for looking “layered”, but what if there was a monster whose skin is supposed to look “wavy”? Enter the Naga.

This model is the Snake Warrior by Melic on Thingiverse.



It needed some supports, details on how the settings I used to print it can be found here. It was printed facing up, so that the details on the front would look as good as possible (or that was the intent). Two and a half hours after the printer started, what comes out doesn’t look like much…



… but with 5 mins of prying plastic away…


Not bad!!! For something that costs about 6cents worth of filament, I am quite pleased!


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So, moving on to the paints. To prime this mini, I used a spray can of Automotive Filler Primer, which cossts about 2£ a can. Using this kind of filler primer is supposed to “smoothen” the visible layers, if you apply a layer, sand, then apply again. I wanted to see how the miniature would turn out with as little time put into it as possible, so I only applied one coat.


All in all, it looks like what I expected. Admittedly, I could have spent more time sanding it and brushing it clean of debris or “hairs” (printing artifacts when your 3D printer is moving too slow), but for something that took this little time, it looks fairly decent.

I didn’t take many photos of the painting process, since there wasn’t much to see. Base layers, some shading and a couple of coats of varnish. The painting scheme was inspired in the Bamboo Pit Viper, a very nasty and colourful critter of the real world.


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