Zermi, Half-Elf Warlock (Reaper Bones Alchemist)

Yet another mini I painted for one of the players in my campaign. This one has a bit of modding work to better portray the character: he is supposed to commune with the Wolf spirit, so I wanted him holding a canine skull. It… sort of worked?

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Wallace, Knight of the Green Gaban

This was my first try at converting a miniature. One of the players in our DnD 5th Edition campaign played a Fighter who specialized on polearms, so I wanted to try and get a miniature that accurately represented his PC alongside the rest of the party. Sadly, the only polearm-wielding miniature in my small collection was a Heroclix skeleton which served as a placeholder for a while (after some retouching – Heroclix miniatures are infamous for terrible paint jobs). Continue reading