Dwarf Sorcerer (Wizkids Pathfinder Deep Cuts)

One of the new players decided to roll a Gnome Druid. Looking around for any suitable miniatures, I eventually came across a Dwarf Sorcerer that, despite the obvious size and build differences, would fit the bill. Another Wizkids miniature, this one is part of the Pathfinder Deep Cuts line.

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Tiefling Sorcerer (Wizkids DnD Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures)

I recently moved country and had to leave my players behind. Luckily, one of them took up the mantle of DM and the adventure continues. But I couldn’t leave them to play with bottle caps and markers, now, could I? Enter the new Wizkids line of unpainted minis.

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Metal Miniatures (Dungeons & Dragons Chainmail)

I recently acquired a copy of the 2001 version of Chainmail, a re-launched simplification of an old Gary Gygax game, featuring metal miniatures.While it will probably be a while before I assemble and paint these, I want to document what they looked like before I put them together. That way, at least I’ll have a way to remember how pure they were before I screwed it all up.

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