Vistra, Dwarf Fighter Speedpaint

What do you do when you need to paint a miniature for a Player Character and you have about two hours to do┬áit? Well, you roll up your sleeves and do your darndest to put a decent job on the table that won’t completely embarass you or the player and you keep on chucking dice.


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Rebasing Mage Knight Lizardmen

I’ve been on the lookout for anything that may fit the draconic theme in my campaign, and I had a few Lizardman miniatures lying around. These come prepainted (as do all other Mage Knight minis I own) and have their own, huge base, but… they did not look quite right at the table, so I set upon the task of rebasing them, so they could join the ranks of the scaly baddies at the table.

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