Druid Bear (WoW Conversion)

A long, long time ago, I attempted to convet a regular bear mini (probably from a children’s playset) into a World of Warcraft Druid Bear form. This was going to be a present to a friend who helped me learn the ropes in World of Warcraft, stuck with me through levelling a bunch of characters and overall endured my painful healing while tanking everything in sight.

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Sculpting Stirges

The campaign called for a Stirge encounter in a damp, bat-infested cave. Only thing is, I have next to nothing to represent the blood-sucking, flying annoyance that is a Stirge, so I decided to put something together. Afterall, how hard can it be to build a giant mosquito tick?

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Wallace, Knight of the Green Gaban

This was my first try at converting a miniature. One of the players in our DnD 5th Edition campaign played a Fighter who specialized on polearms, so I wanted to try and get a miniature that accurately represented his PC alongside the rest of the party. Sadly, the only polearm-wielding miniature in my small collection was a Heroclix skeleton which served as a placeholder for a while (after some retouching – Heroclix miniatures are infamous for terrible paint jobs). Continue reading

Half-Elf Archers

A sale at the local games and hobby store is what led me to start painting in the first place. The shop owner was selling Grenadier, DnD and Star Wars blisters at 1€each (!!!), so I had to buy half of the stock (leaving half for other lucky metal miniature enthusiasts). Now I have a bunch of Grenadier Elves from the Fantasy Warriors line, and I have painted a couple of them with different color styles.

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