Druid Bear (WoW Conversion)

A long, long time ago, I attempted to convet a regular bear mini (probably from a children’s playset) into a World of Warcraft Druid Bear form. This was going to be a present to a friend who helped me learn the ropes in World of Warcraft, stuck with me through levelling a bunch of characters and overall endured my painful healing while tanking everything in sight.

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Snake Warrior (3D printed)

After binging videos on YouTube about 3D printing, I finally got myself a printer. My Creality Ender 3 arrived in the mail last weekend, and after building it, calibrating the bed and getting some filament, it was ready to start pumping out critters. 3D prints are notorious for looking “layered”, but what if there was a monster whose skin is supposed to look “wavy”? Enter the Naga.

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